Kitchen and Bath project

Just wanted to keep everyone updated on our project. Its going as well as expected. We have worked the last 3 sundays and got them both gutted out and now have the toilet and sink locations in the bath figured out. The new wall is in place and next sunday we will finish the rough plumbing and start on the electrical. We will start the design of the cabinetry and Locations of the stove in kitchen this sunday, we will be there from 12 noon till 4. Anyone who is interested in helping us picking those design options are encouraged to stop by and add their input. This is where we need your help, We need ideas and color schemes we can all agree on. Hope to see you there. Also just as a reminder, both rooms are closed and secured due to insulation, exposed wiring, and plumbing all exposed during the week for safety and insurance reasons. hope you all can understand that. I will keep you updated from week to week so everybody knows whats going on. Thanks Commodore Ron Sanders