2019 InterClub Bluefish Tournament

Information: Date: Sunday August 11th 2019 VYC members will have three opportunities to sign up.

Sign up #1: Will be July 11th@ the VYC general meeting.

Sign up #2: Will be July 16th@ the VYC 7:00 pm, this will be the final sign up if you want a tee shirt.

Sign up #3: This will be the final sign up with no exceptions August 7th@ VYC 5:00-6:00 pm

Entry Fee: $20.00 per angler Captains: Please have your boat registration and boat name available @ sign up.

Rules: All forms for the tournament including the rules will be provided by the VYC chairman 2019 Fish Rule Change:

Important please read carefully!

There will be a new rule implemented for the 2019 Inter Club tournament.

There will be a 20" length minimum requirement per fish.

At the weigh in at Captains Cove the Inter Club will have a 20" board along with the scale.

Any fish short of 20" will not be considered a fish for weigh in.

The fish will be measured from the nose to the fork of the tail.

A 20" fish is approximately 4.5-5 pounds.

There will still be a 3 fish limit.

Questions: Contact Marty Mars@ 203-906-4350 or Mark Douglas Jr 203-258-7088